A Brief History

Tri-City Plastics is a family owned and operated business established 01/01/01. In establishing the business our goal was to offer a friendly accessible atmosphere where customers could come to solve their needs or problems in plastic and signage with creative solutions.

Tri-City Plastics was established by Brian Petersen & Tim Kirkland. Brian has over twent two years experience in plastic fabrication and thirty plus years in machining, with a background in blacksmithing and restoration.

Tri-City Plastics we start with plastic sheet, rod, tube, extrusion, or castings and work from our customer's specifications, rough sketches, or verbal descriptions to produce a finished product. Processes used include, but are not limited to, sawing, routing, milling, lathe turning, bead blasting, drilling, engraving, bending, thermal forming, sanding, wheel polishing, flame polishing, solvent cementing, and welding, just to name a few. See our galleries for examples.

We offer our customers free consultation as to which materials and processes would best suit their requirements and usually can offer several options stating the advantages and disadvantages of each. Aid in design can be arranged. Check our material page for data on various plastics.

2007 we expanded our capabilities by acquiring Adapt Certification, one of the first companies we worked with building biological enclosures and custom equipment. Adapt Certification Inc is a biological safety cabinet & fume hood certification company.